Do you know what I do for a living?  I live, breathe, eat, and sleep learn SEO.  Not only do I have clients that I help rank on Learn SEO Google, but I also have dozen of websites that I love to experiment with.  Every day I watch tutorial videos and read one book a day on learning SEO.  Thanks Tai Lopez for the motivation.  What I have done is taken all the knowledge I have acquired and brought it to you at YSL(Your SEO Life).  I have gathered all the best resources and tools on the web and shared it with our audience.  This is one of my experimental websites that I like to tinker with frequently.  It will be constantly updated with new ideas, techniques, strategies and tools. learn seo


YSL looks at the 2nd step in the process of  learn search engine optimization.  A definition of on page SEO is the placement of keywords and media onto a webpage.  Another part of on page is editing the title and meta descriptions.  The last part of the process is to create original content.  Now how do you achieve the perfect combination of all of these factors to create a high ranking website?  Learn SEO is actually all about numbers.  Every process can be defined as a statistic.  For example, how many times you use a keyword on a website.  This would make up a certain percentage of the content you have wrote, How would you know the optimal percentage to use your learn seo keyword?  Well there has been many case studies.  You can find all the information you need at    Please share us and subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to receive updates on educational videos and advanced SEO strategies.

I would like to briefly talk about the third step in the  learn SEO process.  This is the hardest and most time consuming step.  You should give 75% of your effort into off page SEO.  Search engines are and will continue in the future to use this has the major influence of your webpage’s ranking.  This step consist of building high quality backlinks and establishing a popular social media campaign.  There are many statistical indicators that lead to better rankings which you can find at .  learn seo 2016 is going to bring some changes to this industry.  In the past years, Matt Cutts has said Google does not really look at most social shares at a ranking factor, however Google is likely to introduce this into algorithms in the near future. learn seo